Futbol NYC set out to answer that question by surveying as many ballers as possible in and around the five boroughs. I worked for ten years at Consumer Reports, so I love a good survey story—not that our informal canvassing meets that organization’s high standards of statistical excellence.

Looking to hang with your fellow Kopites at this weekend’s Liverpool match? Or maybe you bleed sky blue and want to be surrounded by Man City faithful? Whichever English Premiere League side you support, there’s a spot to watch them shoulder-to-shoulder with like-minded loyalists.  

About a year ago I found myself thirty pounds overweight and, as a result, woefully unable to keep up with younger, fitter players on the pitch. Deciding enough was enough, I embarked on a soccer-based fitness program, which included intensive training with a professional coach, Stephen Hoogerwerf, who I knew from pickup play in Brooklyn.

The city’s most populous borough is also home to some of its best pickup soccer, thanks to the abundance of players, pitches, and park space. Many Brooklyn games are open, though you might have to show up a few times before you’re treated as a regular.